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Real Estate Connection

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The Importance of Targeting

Created by two local Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Connection was designed to attract individuals looking to sell their property quickly or for cash. Having worked with wholesalers in their previous investments, the team felt that they could build their own brand to find the deals instead of paying large assignment fees. After reaching out to Justify Creatives to discuss the business name and potential, a full initial branding plan was formulated, followed by targeted advertising campaigns.

The initial goal? Find ONE property to put under contract and close. This is a high ticket item, in another highly competitive industry, with advertising restrictions. We knew that it would be important to make the consumer feel informed and safe in our marketing efforts. The custom built website was designed to be transparent and to the point with several prompts for action.

Facebook & Web

Initial Growth Strategy.

Building trust from a blank canvas is not an easy task. We posted branded content daily, created marketing videos, and focused on meeting the customer where they were, emphasizing that our investors were local. For six weeks, Facebook advertising campaigns targeted individuals living in the towns they were looking to purchase property. After a few hundred dollars in ad spend, we had enough social proof and website visits to test retargeting campaigns, resulting in quality leads.


Multiple Touch Points.

The success of our digital marketing efforts multiplied when we integrated Direct Mail Campaigns, directly targeting owners of vacant property, subject to tax liens, overdue utility bills, or upside down mortgages in desired geographic locations. When homeowners received their personalized letter, they would complete the contact form on the website, or directly reach out through the Facebook page. It was evident that making an impression digitally and directly was the winning combination when a seller reached out looking to dispose of an unwanted Duplex in Southern Maine. The investors proceeded to put the property under contract and assign the contract to a new buyer for a profit of $25,000 in less than 30 days.

Since the closing of a successful transaction, our goal now is to repeat and perfect the winning strategy while simultaneously exploring alternative methods of reaching the target customer.

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