Branding – App Icon & Business Logo Design

Branding: App Icon & Business Logo Design

What makes a good logo / icon?

There are several contributing factors to what makes a good icon these days. The first one is simplicity.

1. Simplicity | Minimalistic

Keeping your app icon or business logo simple is a major priority in this day-and-age. With so much going on in-front of us digitally, it’s best to make sure your app icon or business logo is as minimalistic as possible.

But being too simple, and using just a strange combinations of geometry or shapes won’t do you any justice in standing out. This leads us to our next topic.

2. Brand Image / Representation

Lets look at the following screen capture. We can clearly see Facebook’s logo on the left, along with our definitive Love The Network logo next to it.

You can also see Facebook didn’t seem to care as much about their Pages Manager and the their Ads logo / icon design.

We’re also pretty sure you can spot and recognize the Instagram and Linkedin logo, on the bottom left. They consist of a unique brand identity, Instagram using it’s iconic camera icon, and LinkedIn, just displaying ‘in’.

The two on the bottom right, one is a social media app for stocks, and the other is a “white-labeled fitness app” – Who would have even had a clue, right?  So what else is there?

3. App Icon Contrast and Color+

Let’s take a look at some other popular app images and icons.

You’ll find with almost all app icons and iconic brand business logos there’s generally only 2 colors used, a maximum of 3. (However, there are a few with multiple colors that still stand out, like Instagram.)

Choose colors that represent your brand best. There is also a lot of research available involving colors.
– Ever wonder why white is such a popular color? White generally represents freedom.
– You may also see blue as a popular color as well. Blue is generally associated as the “power” color.

But don’t let that influence your decision! Let your brand define and compliment it’s colors for you.

You’ll see Robinhood uses a two tone green, representing growth and money; where-as Basecamp 3 uses yellow, signaling construction and building. – Colors are perceived in multiple ways.

Defining your Brand through an Icon

Still stuck on which direction to go with this? I can relate, this process of designing an eye-catching, not-overwhelming, yet simple logo isn’t always as easy as something so simple should be. For me, I am lucky to be paired with such a creative partner in this business.  Generally I know the direction of where I’d like to go (or vision), but it is my partner’s creative ability to bring something to life.

Lets look at how we came about to Love The Network logo. 

We knew we wanted a heart, and we had finally picked on the color and shades of purple for our primary brand color, along with the white “insides”.  We also knew we would be using the internet and technology, to connect people with love. From this concept was born the heart with the Wi-fi symbol above it.

Sometimes it’s just not that easy though. Lets take for example this company, a marketing and digital development company.
In cases like this you’ll read funny stories like how Blackstone’s names came to be; a financial investment company, headed off by Stephen Schwarzman, he details in his book ‘What It Takes’.

Anyways, we used this approach and decided to pick the last horse that won the the Triple Crown, which you guessed it, if you didn’t know already, name is Justify. It was one of the first times we met to discuss business at the local track, during the Kentucky Derby.

Now if you look at this logo for the Real Estate Connection, you can clearly see the ties between the ‘connections’ and the homes or properties here, while providing a simple but unique look.

Still having trouble?

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